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We retail a complete line of garden products:

  • Bedding plants, soils, bark, fertilizer, lime.

  • Annuals, perennials, landscape trees and shrubs, fruit trees etc.

  • Products to meet all your gardening needs!!
We also sell trees and shrubs wholesale (non-caliper only) to local nurseries, on a small scale, but growing... Pick-up at nursery only!

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Beauty of Flowers Nursery is located in the picturesque coastal community of Hare Bay, Bonavista Bay, on Route 320, approximately 23km from the T.C.H. at the Gambo turnoff. The nursery consists of nine greenhouses on six acres of land with a display garden overlooking the beautiful Bonavista Bay North. The view itself is worth the drive!

Loved forever and never forgotten - an inspiration to us all!

Lionel Glover
October 25, 1946 - October 15, 2016